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The Socially Included Child: A Parent’s Guide to Successful Playdates, Recreation, and Family Events for Children with Autism

Laurie LeComer, M.Ed. New York, NY, The Berkley Publishing Group, 2009, xxiii + 232 pp., ISBN978-0-425-22965-1. $14.00 (paper)
  • Kerry A. DeBenedictis
Book Review

Many parents of children with autism face a paradoxical challenge. They want to find ways to promote their child’s social development by involving them in activities that will provide social opportunities. However, the environments in which these activities take place can be extremely challenging to a child who perhaps doesn’t possess communication or play skills to fully participate in reciprocal social interactions, may appear to be uninterested in peers or may have great difficulty navigating novel environments. Many parents perhaps feel that planning social activities for their child with autism is daunting or even not worth the effort because of past negative experiences and current expectations. This book tackles this challenging and paradoxical aspect of parenting a child with autism.

The author notes that there is a lack of helpful information for the special needs community about issues such as quality of life, friendship, independence, and how to get around in the real world....

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