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David H. Rakison, Lisa M. Oakes (eds): Early Category and Concept Development: Making Sense of the Blooming, Buzzing Confusion

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003, 442 pp., ISBN 978-0195142945, $29.95 (paper)
  • Gwenda L. Schmidt
Book Review

William James suggested that infants’ initial perceptions of the world are a “blooming, buzzing confusion,” a view refuted by this book. From an early age, infants begin to categorize and make sense of their environment. This book is an edited scholarly volume bringing us the latest research and perspectives on the category and concept development of pre-linguistic infants (Part I) and preschool children after the emergence of language (Part II). Contributors to the volume include a wide array of prominent researchers in the field, mainly from the United States.

The intended audience is scholars and researchers in the areas of child development and category and concept learning. However this book could be of interest to graduate students and advanced undergraduates as well. It would be of less interest to clinicians serving children with developmental disorders, as its content is theoretical rather than practical. Although the book does not directly address autism or developmental...


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