Sarah Newman: Small Steps Forward: Using Games and Activities to Help Your Pre-School Child with Special Needs (Second Edition)

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, UK & Philadelphia, USA, 2008, 271 pp, Illustrated by Jeanie Mellersh, $19.95
  • Filippo Muratori
Book review

This is a book for parents written by a parent. There are plenty of practical advice and strategies to cope the many daily problems linked to having a child with special needs; in fact it is not conceived just for young children with autism, even if written by the mother of a child with autism. The absence of up-to-date references along the book, and also in the References section, can create in the specialist some perplexity, but little by little the reading appears easy and complete for helping a parent and for suggesting him to have the book on the shelf as a consultant at home. As a second step, professionals realize that it is full of wise, tactful and sensible suggestions that can be useful also for him when confronted with the many questions usually arose by parents during consultations.

The book is organized in eleven chapters that can be summarized as follows. The first two chapters are introductory to how parents can organize their life when a child with special needs has...

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