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Ask the Editor

  • Fred Volkmar


My child with autism is about to go into the hospital for some elective surgery. We’ve been dreading this and putting it off—is there anything we can do to make this go more smoothly?


The short answer is yes! The longer answer is that exactly what you do depends on several things. Your question does not tell me much about your child nor about the specific surgery so I’ll make some general comments and then say a bit about issues specific to the nonverbal or pre-verbal child and about the child with some language. Keep in mind that the specific answers to your question are best discussed with your child’s primary physician or health care provider as well as with the staff (surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, and others) at the hospital. The specifics of the surgery that is planned also must be taken into account. Your child’s primary care provider has a very important role in helping things run smoothly—be sure that he or she is very much involved in the planning process!


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