Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics

, Volume 42, Issue 3, pp 725–744 | Cite as

On translation spreads of \(H(q)\)

  • Giuseppe Marino
  • Olga Polverino


Using the connection between translation spreads of \(H(q)\) and linear sets (see Cardinali et al. in Eur J Comb 23:367–376, 2002; Lunardon and Polverino in J Algebraic Comb 18:255–262, 2003), some results on the existence of translation spreads of \(H(q)\) are given, improving classification results contained in Offer (Spreads and ovoids of the split Cayley hexagon, 2000) and in Bonoli and Polverino (Discrete Math 296:129–142, 2005).


Generalized hexagon Spread Twisted cubic Linear set 



This work was supported by the Research Project of MIUR (Italian Office for University and Research) “Strutture Geometriche, Combinatoria e loro Applicazioni”.


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