Clinical features of uveitis in elderly patients in central Tokyo (2013–2018)



To clarify the clinical features of uveitis in elderly patients in central Tokyo.


We retrospectively identified 1424 patients with uveitis who visited the Uveitis Clinic of the University of Tokyo Hospital between January 2013 and December 2018. The patients were categorized into two groups based on their ages at the time of disease onset: patients aged 65 years or older were included in Group A, whereas those younger than 65 years were included in Group B. The etiological classification of uveitis and its causes were investigated for each group.


Group A presented significantly higher rates of infectious uveitis (35.5% vs. 17.8%, p < 0.0001) and masquerade syndromes (17.9% vs. 5.0%, p < 0.0001) than Group B. Furthermore, Group A had significantly higher rates of sarcoidosis (23.1% vs. 9.3%, p < 0.0001), intraocular lymphoma (16.6% vs. 4.6%, p < 0.0001), cytomegalovirus iritis (11.0% vs. 5.6%, p = 0.0043), and cytomegalovirus retinitis (5.2% vs. 1.5%, p = 0.0020) than Group B.


Our results demonstrate a clear difference in the causative diseases of uveitis between elderly and non-elderly patients. These findings may support ophthalmologists in their diagnostic process for elderly patients with uveitis.

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