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Endogenous endophthalmitis associated with liver abscess caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae

  • Ammar M. Al-Mahmood
  • Ghada Y. Al-Binali
  • Hind AlKatan
  • Emad B. Abboud
  • Ahmed M. Abu El-Asrar
Case Report


To report two unusual cases of endogenous endophthalmitis associated with liver abscess caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae. Retrospective, interventional case series. Two patients, known to have type II diabetes mellitus, presented with sudden visual loss following several days of abdominal pain. Examinations and investigations revealed endogenous endophthalmitis caused by K. pneumoniae. Despite treatment in the form of intravitreal injection of antibiotics in the first patient and pars plana vitrectomy coupled with intravitreal injection of antibiotics in the second patient the final visual outcome was poor in both cases. The possibility of K. pneumoniae endogenous endophthalmitis should be suspected in diabetic patients presenting with intraocular inflammation.


Endogenous endophthalmitis Klebsiella pneumoniae Liver abscess Diabetes mellitus type II 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ammar M. Al-Mahmood
    • 1
  • Ghada Y. Al-Binali
    • 1
  • Hind AlKatan
    • 2
  • Emad B. Abboud
    • 2
  • Ahmed M. Abu El-Asrar
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologyKing Abdulaziz University Hospital, King Saud UniversityRiyadhKingdom of Saudi Arabia
  2. 2.King Khaled Eye Specialist HospitalRiyadhKingdom of Saudi Arabia

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