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Optical coherence tomography in optic pit maculopathy



To report the optical coherence tomography (OCT) findings in patients with optic pit maculopathy.


Twelve eyes of 12 patients with optic pit maculopathy were evaluated. Cross-sectional OCT images were correlated with findings from slit-lamp biomicroscopy and fluorescein angiography. The presence of retinoschisis and serous macular detachment was evaluated and the height of the serous detachment also measured.


Visual acuities varied between 20/400 and 20/63. The height of the serous macular detachment at the fovea was between 323 and 548 μm. OCT findings showed that ten (83.3%) patients had both retinoschisis and serous macular detachment, one (8.3%) patient had only retinoschisis and one (8.3%) patient had only serous macular detachment. None of the patients had macular hole or vitreoretinal traction.


These findings support the concept of a bilaminar structure that contains retinoschisis and serous macular detachment. Our data also showed that in some patients, the sole component of maculopathy was serous macular detachment or retinoschisis.

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  • Optic pit maculopathy
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  • Serous macular detachment