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John Davies, Marko Grobelnik and Dunja Mladenic: Semantic knowledge management

Springer, 2009, 252 pp., Price: $99 (ISBN: 978-3-540-88844-4)
  • David Vallet
Book Review

Semantic Knowledge Management edited by John Davies, Marko Grobelnik and Dunja Mladenic, provides an overview of the results of the Semantic Knowledge Technologies (SEKT) project,1 co-funded by the EU 6th Framework programme, in which the contributors of this book have been mostly involved. This project spanned over three years from 2004 and focused on the integration of the research areas of Ontology Management, Machine Learning and Human Language Technologies. The results of this project are a number of tools and applications drawing from these areas of research. This book reviews the underlying technologies, the design, and the evaluation of the tools and applications. Most of the presented applications are also related to information retrieval, such as search engines, faceted browsers, knowledge extraction and sharing systems, etc. The book thus provides a number of examples on how to apply Semantic Web technologies to Information Retrieval applications.

The book is structured in...


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