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Zdravko Markov and Daniel T. Larose, Data Mining the Web: Uncovering Patterns in Web Content, Structure, and Usage

Wiley, New Britain, CT, 2007, 218 pp, $69.95. ISBN: 978-0-471-66655-4
  • Max Chevalier
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Data Mining is a subfield of Knowledge discovery which can be defined (Fawley et al. 1992) as a non-trivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data. Data Mining can be applied in many contexts. Thus it is highly suitable to extract implicit and useful information from the very large amount of data available within the World Wide Web (Web), i.e. user behavior.

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The reviewed book is entitled “Data Mining the Web: Uncovering in Web Content, Structure, and Usage.” It shows how Data Mining techniques can be applied to the Web. The book content is relatively close to other books dealing with Web Data Mining. It is organized into three sections that follow the book title: “Web Structure Mining” (two chapters), “Web Content Mining” (three chapters), and “Web Usage Mining” (four chapters). Every chapter includes examples and numerous exercises allowing the reader to evaluate his understanding of the chapter.

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