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Hasana Sharp. Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2011, pp. xii + 242, £ 21.38 (€ 23.54). ISBN: 978-0-226-75074-3
  • Andre Santos Campos
Book Review

Spinoza studies revolved almost exclusively around metaphysical issues for centuries. In these last few decades, this situation changed – mainly prompted by French neo-Marxist studies in the 60’s – since there has been recognition of an original political philosophy deeply rooted in Spinoza’s ontology. The Theological-Political Treatise and the later Political Treatise finally began getting the attention they deserved, three hundred years after their original publication. A scholar committed to studying Spinoza’s political philosophy fifty years ago could hardly find supporting literature beyond the usual discussions of the Ethics’ Parts One and Two, whereas today there is a vast available literature, and still growing. In more recent years, however, there seems to have appeared a new literature that neither engages exclusively in metaphysical discussions of the Ethicsnor proposes simply to analyse Spinoza’s political tracts. Instead, this growing literature seems mostly concerned...

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