Tihamer Margitay, ed., Knowing and Being: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi

Newcastle upon Tyne, England: Cambridge Scholars Publ., 2010, 220 pp. (indexed). ISBN: (10):1-4438-2062-8 (Hb), $59.99; ISBN (13):978-1-4438-2062-2
  • Stefania Jha
Book Review

Michael Polanyi has been rediscovered by a new generation of philosophers who find his ideas resonating with some current developments in a variety of areas. This book brings together the work of some young philosophers with those of traditional Polanyi scholars. The volume is a selection of 13 of the 30 essays presented at the 2008 Budapest Conference “Reconsidering Polanyi,” organized by Drs. Feher and Margitay of the Michael Polanyi Liberal Philosophical Society of Hungary. It is named after one of Polanyi’s books Knowing and Being, a collection of essays of his mature period, ranging from epistemology to ontology and beyond: on the nature of science, tacit knowing, the structure of life and consciousness, moral issues and ideals in the political aspects of society. Michael Polanyi was a scientist turned philosopher, who developed his philosophy of Personal Knowledge out of his experience as a creative scientist. His philosophy was meant to re-direct our view toward a fundamental...

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