The Journal of Value Inquiry

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The Correlativity of Rights and Duties

  • Thomas Magnell

A catalog of rights and duties would have a great number of entries. There are at least as many kinds of rights and duties as there are offices and roles for people and groups of people to take on. We speak of patient rights, passenger rights, and even consumer rights in general. We give thought to parental duties, teaching duties, and, more broadly, on the job duties. We raise our voices over human rights and civil rights. We enforce regulations over fiduciary duties and duties of disclosure. Rights may be individual or corporate, as may duties. Some people have died for rights of conscience and dignity, some for duties to God and country. It would not be altogether surprising if some rights and duties were only loosely related as restraints and demands. But many kinds of rights and duties can be put under the broad headings of ethics, politics, and law. These would seem the natural homes for notions of rights and duties, though by extension we may speak as well of economic,...


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