Joyeeta Gupta: The history of global climate governance

Cambridge University Press
  • Steinar Andresen
Book Review

I have been following the climate change negotiations since they reached the international political agenda in 1988. While my position has been that of an outsider and observer, Professor Gupta initially followed the process from the inside, at a time when optimism flourished and the process was moving fast. At the time I do not think anyone would have believed that 25 years later global carbon dioxide emissions would be increased by some 50 %. Professor Gupta is right, however, in underlining the enormous complexity of the issue that was not sufficiently understood by most actors in the early days of environmental enthusiasm. She is also right that there have been a number of accomplishments, not least the significant learning that has taken place during the various phases she outlines in her book.

The two first chapters (Part 1) set the stage by dealing with the essential scientific and political aspects of the climate change problem and what the options are to deal with the problem....

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