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  • Joseph F. C. DiMento
Book Review

Erik J. Molenaar, Alex G. Oude Elferink, and Donald R. Rothwell, The Law of the Sea and the Polar Regions: Interactions between Global and Regional Regimes, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2013).

Geir Honneland, The Polities of the Arctic, Edward Elgar (2013).

Michael Byers, with James Baker, International Law and the Arctic, Cambridge (2013).

To find even a little new that can be said about governance of the Arctic is a challenge; there has been an avalanche of books and articles in the last 10 years that treat the issues raised by the changes in this Polar region. Some of the vast outpouring sets out to comprehensively describe the Arctic region, its management and legal environment. Some articles and books approach the topic through deeper more specific analysis of individual or a small number of issues.

Those who wish to catch up on the scholarship and commentary on this “region of the century” can do so parsimoniously by reading, or at least consulting, the three books reviewed here.

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