Afshin Akhtarkhavari: Global governance and the environment: environmental principles and change in international law and politics

Edward Elgar, Northhampton, MA, USA, 2010, ISBN 978 1 84980 255 0
  • Candice Carr Kelman
Book Review

The title of this book is somewhat deceiving. It sounds quite general, although its topic is actually very specific. The main topic of the book is the role of social learning in the use of environmental principles to form international environmental law. Yet the term “social learning” did not find its way into the title of the book, or even the back cover, despite its central role within the text of the book. The subtitle of the book would make a more appropriate main title, perhaps with a subtitle about social learning. While the purpose and premise of the book concern macro-level theories of international relations, the bulk of the text concerns a rather narrow slice of the wide topic addressed by the book’s title.

Decidedly socially constructivist in its approach to international relations, this book addresses the social context in which international environmental laws are crafted. It does not address principles or their historical origins so much as it focuses on the “constructed...

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