International Applied Mechanics

, Volume 43, Issue 10, pp 1132–1141 | Cite as

Stress-strain state of shallow shells with rectangular planform and varying thickness: Refined formulation

  • A. Ya. Grigorenko
  • N. P. Yaremchenko


The stress-strain state of a shallow shell with rectangular planform and varying thickness is analyzed in a refined formulation for different boundary conditions. A numerical-and-analytic method is developed based on the spline-approximation and discrete-orthogonalization methods. The stress-strain state of shallow shells with thickness varied without change in weight is analyzed


shallow shell nonclassical model spline-approximation variable thickness 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. Ya. Grigorenko
    • 1
  • N. P. Yaremchenko
    • 1
  1. 1.S. P. Timoshenko Institute of MechanicsNational Academy of Sciences of UkraineKyiv

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