International Applied Mechanics

, Volume 43, Issue 1, pp 116–125 | Cite as

Thermoelastic instability in contact problems for rotating solids with heat generation

  • Z. S. Olesiak
  • R. Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo


In this paper we discuss certain cases of thermal instability in axisymmetric contact problems with heat generation and heat exchange. Two solids of revolution pressed against each other are considered. One of the solids rotates about its symmetry axis. A characteristic feature of the problem is that the distance between the centers of gravity of the solids cannot be greater than a certain value


axisymmetric contact problem thermoelastic instability compression of two bodies rotating body heat exchange distance between centers of gravity 


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  • Z. S. Olesiak
    • 1
    • 2
  • R. Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo
    • 1
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  1. 1.University of WarsawPoland
  2. 2.Poland

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