• Julio González Bello

Today is a historical day. For first time in the history of the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IJEVG), we are publishing a special issue about Latin America. In the past, the IJEVG published two issues regarding educational and vocational guidance in specific regions of the world. Issue 1 of volume 2 was devoted to Oceania, and issue 2 of volume 11 to the East and the West. The aim of this issue is to support practitioners and researches from Latin America to make their work more largely accessible. Of course, this issue’s articles represent only a small sample of what is done in this part of the world. More generally, Latin American scholars are trying to develop new culturally relevant approaches and theoretical models. These approaches and models should be interdisciplinary, integrated to the communities, and considerer aspects beyond usual vocational and professional settings, taking into account the specificities of the Latin-American situation, and the particular situation of each cultural, social, and political context.

This issue includes five articles. The first article by Marcelo Afonso Ribeiro, Maria da Conceição Coropos Uvaldo, and Fabiano Fonseca da Silva, entitled Some contributions from Latin American career counselling for dealing with situations of psychosocial vulnerability emphasizes how career counseling should be interdisciplinary, should promote contextualized practices, social commitment, institutional initiatives, and should be integrated in the community’s life. The second article by Rodolfo A. M. Ambiel, Ana Paula Porto Noronha, and Lucas de Francisco Carvalho entitled Analysis of the professional choice self-efficacy scale using the Rasch-Andrich rating scale model analyzes the psychometric properties of the professional choice self-efficacy scale (PCSES) using the Rasch-Andrich rating scale model. The third article of this issue by Fernando Henrique R. Aguiar, entitled Career guidance and promotion of health with adolescent: Contributions for intervention programs, illustrates how adolescents coming from unprivileged social backgrounds have specific needs beyond career guidance. Young people in Brazil express a need for support regarding not only their professional future, but also their life in general. The fourth article of this issue by Julio González Bello and Omaira Chacón is entitled The world of work between the personal and collective: A demand for social justice and guidance in Latin America. In this contribution, the authors stress how educational and vocational guidance cannot be conceived as focusing solely on the individual and how guidance professionals must necessarily take into account more general and broader social justice issues in their daily activities. The last contribution written by George Davy Vera is entitled A pedagogical perspective on educating counseling and guidance professionals: Latin-American undergraduate academic program experiences. This contribution illustrates that counseling and guidance are connected to the personal, socioeconomic, cultural and collective development of people and of their countries. This article describes the pedagogical dimensions of the training program for counselors at the University of Zulia, Venezuela.

Finally, we would like to thank Professor Jérôme Rossier, editor-in-chief, and the Springer team, in particular Helen James, for all their help with the publication of this issue. Without the concern, observations and dedication of the both of you this issue would not have been possible. We also hope that this special issue will encourage all Latin American professionals in our field to consider submitting manuscript to our journal more frequently. Finally, we would like to end with some words in Spanish: “gracias a todos por su receptividad y por la atención prestada.” [thank you very much everybody for your receptiveness and your attention].

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