Spectral Resolutions and Quantum Observables


An n-dimensional quantum observable in quantum structures is a kind of a σ-homomorphism defined on the Borel σ-algebra of \(\mathbb R^{n}\) with values in a monotone σ-complete effect algebra or in a σ-complete MV-algebra. It defines an n-dimensional spectral resolution that is a mapping from \(\mathbb R^{n}\) into the quantum structure which is a monotone, left-continuous mapping with non-negative increments and which is going to 0 if one variable goes to \(-\infty \) and it goes to 1 if all variables go to \(+\infty \). The basic question is to show when an n-dimensional spectral resolution entails an n-dimensional quantum observable. We show cases when this is possible and we apply the result to existence of three different kinds of joint observables.

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The authors are very indebted to anonymous referees for their careful reading and suggestions which helped us to improve the presentation of the paper.

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  • n-dimensional spectral resolution
  • n-dimensional observable
  • Joint observable
  • MV-algebra
  • Effect algebra
  • State
  • Effect-tribe