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Quintessence Reissner Nordström Anti de Sitter Black Holes and Joule Thomson Effect



In this work we investigate corrections of the quintessence regime of the dark energy on the Joule-Thomson (JT) effect of the Reissner Nordström anti de Sitter (RNAdS) black hole. The quintessence dark energy has equation of state as p q = ωρ q in which \(-1<\omega <-\frac {1}{3}\). Our calculations are restricted to ansatz: ω = − 1 (the cosmological constant regime) and \(\omega =-\frac {2}{3}\) (quintessence dark energy). To study the JT expansion of the AdS gas under the constant black hole mass, we calculate inversion temperature T i of the quintessence RNAdS black hole where its cooling phase is changed to heating phase at a particular (inverse) pressure P i . Position of the inverse point {T i , P i } is determined by crossing the inverse curves with the corresponding Gibbons-Hawking temperature on the T-P plan. We determine position of the inverse point versus different numerical values of the mass M and the charge Q of the quintessence AdS RN black hole. The cooling-heating phase transition (JT effect) is happened for M > Q in which the causal singularity is still covered by the horizon. Our calculations show sensitivity of the inverse point {T i , P i } position on the T-P plan to existence of the quintessence dark energy just for large numerical values of the AdS RN black holes charge Q. In other words the quintessence dark energy dose not affect on position of the inverse point when the AdS RN black hole takes on small charges.


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