International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 57, Issue 5, pp 1549–1552 | Cite as

Preparation of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Entangled States in the Atom-Cavity Systems



We present a new simple scheme for the preparation of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger maximally entangled states of two two-level atoms. The distinct feature of the effective Hamiltonian is that there is no energy exchange between the atoms and the cavity.. Thus the scheme is insensitive to the effect of cavity field and the atom radiation.This protocol may be realizable in the realm of current physical experiment.


Quantum state preparation Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states The atom-cavity systems 


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  1. 1.College of Information TechnologyHeilongjiang BaYi Agricultural UniversityDaqingChina

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