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Charged Fermions Tunnel from the Kerr-Newman Black Hole Influenced by Quantum Gravity Effects



Taking into account quantum gravity effects, we investigate the tunnelling radiation of charged fermions in the Kerr-Newman black hole. The result shows that the corrected Hawking temperature is determined not only by the parameters of the black hole, but also by the energy, angular momentum and mass of the emitted fermion. Meanwhile, an interesting found is that the temperature is affected by the angle 𝜃. The quantum gravity correction slows down the evaporation.


Charged fermions Generalized uncertainty principle Tunnelling radiation Remnants 



This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11205125), by Sichuan Province Science Foundation for Youths (Grant No. 2014JQ0040) and by the Innovative Research Team in China West Normal University (Grant No. 438061).


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