International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 55, Issue 2, pp 1274–1284 | Cite as

Dynamics of Correlations in the Presences of Intrinsic Decoherence

  • Nour Zidan


The dynamics of a mixed spin system governed by XXZ model in additional to an intrinsic decoherence is investigated. The behavior of quantum correlation and the degree of entanglement between the two subsystems is quantified by using measurement-induced disturbance and the negativity, respectively. It is shown that, the phenomena of long-lived entanglement appears for larger values of intrinsic decoherence parameters. The degree of entanglement and quantum correlation depend on the dimensions of subsystems which are pass through the external field and the initial states setting. We show that the negativity for some initial classes is more robust than the measurement-induced disturbance, while for some other initial classes the quantum correlations are more robust than entanglement.


Negativity Measurement-induced disturbance Mixed spin Intrinsic decoherence 


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