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, Volume 52, Issue 3, pp 706–715 | Cite as

Entanglement in a Tripartite Cavity-Optomechanical System

  • Ni LiuEmail author
  • Junqi Li
  • J.-Q. Liang


We propose a scheme to prepare entangled-states in the tripartite optomechanical-system consisting of a two-level atom in a high-finesse optical cavity with a oscillating mirror at one end. In particular, a Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger like state can be generated. It is shown that the spontaneous emission rate γ of the atom, mean photon-number n and the coupling strength k play an important role in entanglement generation. Moreover the interesting phenomena of entanglement sudden-death (ESD) and sudden-birth (ESB) can be displayed in the system considered.


Cavity optomechanical system Movable mirror Negativity Master equation 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant Nos.11075099, 11047167 and 11105087 and the Youth Science Foundation of Shanxi Province of China under grant number 2010021003-2.


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