International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 51, Issue 12, pp 3891–3902 | Cite as

Thermodynamical Quantities of Horava-Lifshitz Black Hole

  • J. Sadeghi
  • K. Jafarzade
  • B. Pourhassan


In this paper we consider Horava-Lifshitz black hole and obtain thermodynamical quantities. Such quantities already obtained for KS and LMP solutions of Horava-Lifshitz black hole in spherical space. Now, we calculate thermodynamical quantities of LMP solutions of Horava-Lifshitz black hole in arbitrary space with k=0 and k=±1. So, we can investigate effect of cosmological constant on thermodynamical quantities.


Horava-Lifshitz gravity Lu-Mei-Pop black hole Thermodynamics 


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  1. 1.Sciences Faculty, Department of PhysicsMazandaran UniversityBabolsarIran

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