International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 48, Issue 2, pp 579–606 | Cite as

Nonholonomic Ricci Flows, Exact Solutions in Gravity, and Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Metrics

  • Sergiu I. Vacaru


We provide a proof that nonholonomically constrained Ricci flows of (pseudo) Riemannian metrics positively result into nonsymmetric metrics (as explicit examples, we consider flows of some physically valuable exact solutions in general relativity). There are constructed and analyzed three classes of solutions of Ricci flow evolution equations defining nonholonomic deformations of Taub NUT, Schwarzschild, solitonic and pp-wave symmetric metrics into nonsymmetric ones.


Nonsymmetric metrics Nonholonomic manifolds Nonlinear connections Nonholonomic Ricci flows Taub NUT spacetimes Solitons in gravity pp-Waves 


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