Wave Propagation in a Rotating Transversely Isotropic Two-Temperature Generalized Thermoelastic Medium Without Dissipation



The present paper is concerned with the propagation of plane waves in a rotating, transversely isotropic, two-temperature generalized thermoelastic solid half-space without energy dissipation. The governing equations are solved to show the existence of three plane waves in the \(x{-}z\) plane. The reflection of these plane waves from a thermally insulated free surface is also studied to obtain a system of three non-homogeneous equations in reflection coefficients of the reflected waves. The speeds and reflection coefficients are computed for a particular model of the half-space. The speeds and reflection coefficients of plane waves are shown graphically to observe the effects of anisotropy, two temperatures and rotation.


Anisotropy Plane waves Reflection Reflection coefficients Rotation Two-temperature generalized thermoelasticity 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsPost Graduate Government CollegeChandigarhIndia

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