International Journal of Thermophysics

, Volume 31, Issue 10, pp 1919–1927 | Cite as

Characterization of PTFE Using Advanced Thermal Analysis Techniques

  • J. Blumm
  • A. Lindemann
  • M. Meyer
  • C. Strasser


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer used in numerous industrial applications. It is often referred to by its trademark name, Teflon. Thermal characterization of a PTFE material was carried out using various thermal analysis and thermophysical properties test techniques. The transformation energetics and specific heat were measured employing differential scanning calorimetry. The thermal expansion and the density changes were determined employing pushrod dilatometry. The viscoelastic properties (storage and loss modulus) were analyzed using dynamic mechanical analysis. The thermal diffusivity was measured using the laser flash technique. Combining thermal diffusivity data with specific heat and density allows calculation of the thermal conductivity of the polymer. Measurements were carried out from − 125 °C up to 150 °C. Additionally, measurements of the mechanical properties were carried out down to − 170 °C. The specific heat tests were conducted into the fully molten regions up to 370 °C.


Polytetrafluoroethylene Specific heat Thermal analysis Thermal expansion Thermophysical properties Thermal conductivity Thermal diffusivity 


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  1. 1.NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbHSelbGermany

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