Effect of etching on spin canting in hydrothermally synthesized Co-Ni ferrite particles


Spinel cobalt-nickel ferrite nanoparticles, having a particle size of around 40 nm, were produced by undergoing a succession of synthesis routes comprised of chemical co-precipitation, hydrothermal treatment (HT), and etching in hydrochloric acid (ET) of concentration 2.0 mol/L. The room temperature high-field Mössbauer spectra were analyzed in detail and significant spin canting associated with Fe3+ ions at both A- and B-sites were observed for both the HT and ET samples in the presence of external magnetic field of 5 T. The effect of etching on various Mössbauer parameters such as the hyperfine field distribution, isomer shift, quadrupole splitting and the linewidth was noted. The A site and B site canting angles of the HT sample were respectively 17° and 22°, while canting angle of approximately 13° was observed for both A and B sites in the ET sample.

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The authors would like to acknowledge the University of Tsukuba Tandem Accelerator Complex (UTTAC) at the University of Tsukuba for providing the facilities for Mössbauer spectroscopy. This work was supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) under Collaborative Research Based on Industrial Demand “High Performance Magnets: Towards Innovative Development of Next Generation magnets” (#JPMJSK1415).

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  • Spin canting
  • Etching
  • Spinel ferrite
  • Defects