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Table 7 Metric precision given as proportion of within-lake variability of total variance (i.e. within- and between-lake variability), and major within-lake variance components for three BQEs

From: Ecological status assessment of European lakes: a comparison of metrics for phytoplankton, macrophytes, benthic invertebrates and fish

BQE Metric Within-lake variance (excluding temporal variabilitya) Major variance component (excluding temporal variabilitya)
Phytoplanktona Chl-a 0.04 Sub-sampling
PTI 0.12 Sub-sampling
SPI (part of FTI) 0.35 Analyst
MFGI (part of FTI 0.14 Sub-sampling
J′ (Evenness) 0.31 Analyst
Cyano blooms intensity 0.06 Sub-sampling
Macrophytes ICM 0.28 Station
Ellenberg Index 0.26 Station
C max 0.30 Station
Benthic invertebrates Evenness 0.73b Station
NTaxa 0.37b Station
NTaxa EPTCBO (part of MMI) 0.44b Station
%POM_HabPref (part of MMI) 0.52b Station
Fish BPUE (log10) (part of ELFI) 0.999 Depth stratum
CPUE (part of ELFI and NLFI) 0.962 Single gillnets
  1. Metrics with the lowest within-lake variance are the most precise whole-lake metrics. See Table 3 and text for explanation of metrics
  2. aFor temporal variability of phytoplankton, see Carvalho et al. (2012)
  3. bIncludes within-lake variance of 8–12% due to margin modification type (U, S, H)