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The genera Bispira Krøyer, 1856 and Stylomma Knight-Jones, 1997 (Polychaeta, Sabellidae): systematic revision, relationships with close related taxa and new species from Australia

  • María Capa
Primary Research Paper


A cladistic analysis undertaken to test monophyly of Bispira and Stylomma (including new species of both genera) and to ascertain relationships with related taxa reveals that Bispira is paraphyletic without the inclusion of Pseudobranchiomma and Branchiomma, and that Stylomma is monophyletic due to the presence of a structure on the dorsal basal flanges which has never been described before. New species of Bispira and Stylomma from Australia are described. Bispira serrata n. sp., differs from the other species of the genus in having serrated radiolar flanges whereas all other Bispira species have smooth flanges or lack them, and also by the shape of the thoracic and abdominal uncini, which are short-handled and have 2–3 rows of big teeth above the main fang, instead of having medium-sized handles and small, numerous rows of teeth over the main fang. Stylomma juani n. sp., is characterized by the presence of serrated radiolar flanges and unpaired compound eyes along the branchial radioles, whereas other species in the genus have smooth radiolar flanges and subterminal compound radiolar eyes.


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I would like to thank people from the different institutions for assisting and providing material of Bispira and Stylomma, specially Kate Attwood (AM), Chris Glasby (MAGNT), Robin Wilson (MV), Angelica Brandt (ZMH), Jolanta Jurkowska (MPW), Kristian Fauchald (USNM) and Marie-Noella Hélleouet (MNHN). Many thanks to Pat Hutchings (AM), Chris Glasby and AM Marine Invertebrate staff, for helping with collecting. I am also grateful to Phyllis Knight-Jones (University College of Swansea) who gave me some valuable ideas at the beginning of this project and offered material. Anna Murray (AM), Pat Hutchings (AM) and Maite Aguado (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) kindly reviewed the manuscript and made very useful comments.

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