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Seasonal Rotifer Dynamics in the Long-term (1969–2002) Record from Lake Kinneret (Israel)

  • Moshe Gophen


Long-term (1969–2002) data record of biomass distribution of rotifers in Lake Kinneret is combined with previously published information on their metabolic activity and newly calculated population dynamics parameters to synthesize a model of their seasonal dynamics in Lake Kinneret. Nineteen rotifer species were recorded in routine samples collected in Lake Kinneret (Israel) in 7 offshore (deeper than 5 m), stations, at 12 discrete depths during 1969–2002. Organisms were sorted and counted (including external egg carrying females), biomass was measured and calculated for the entire lake stock (gw.w m−2; mg l−1). Rates of grazing, respiration and production were measured experimentally at three different temperature ranges. Results were extrapolated to the lake community for months with similar temperatures. Rotifera comprised 7% of total zooplankton biomass in Lake Kinneret whilst Cladocera and Copepoda 58 and 35% respectively. Rotifers were found to be more abundant during December–June and decline in summer months. Monthly (1969–2001) means indicated total grazing capacity of rotifers as 11%, respiration as 9% and production as 3.7% of the total zooplankton metabolic activity. Positive relations were indicated between rotifer and small bodied cladoceran numerical concentrations. Population growth models suggest that rotifers are not food limited in Lake Kinneret but that fish predation plays an important role in regulating abundance in spring-summer and fall.


Rotifera long term record Lake Kinneret seasonal dynamics 


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  1. 1.Kinneret Limnological Laboratory (Emeritus)MIGAL-Galilee Technology CenterKiryatIsrael

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