Experimental Determination of Hydraulic Characteristics of Corrugated Pipeline

Adrainage system consisting of ASO Qmax corrugated pipelines for use in the collection ‘ and removal of rainwater and melt runoff from residential areas and grounds of enterprises is proposed. In the present study the hydraulic characteristics of ASO Qmax corrugated pipeline were determined at the Hydraulics and Hydromechanical Laboratory of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering under different outflow conditions. The experiments were performed under the following regime operating regimes: with bottom slopes of 0.5 and 1% with different degrees of filling of the pipeline in the range (0.23 ... 0.75)d. The experimental investigations were performed to verify the technique of hydraulic calculation of the parameters of corrugated pipelines on the basis of the ASO Qmax software program.

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Correspondence to Yu. V. Bryanskaya.

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Translated from Gidrotekhnicheskoe Stroitel’stvo, No. 11, November 2019, pp. 38 – 41.

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  • average flow rate
  • water flow
  • slope
  • flow depth
  • hydraulic radius
  • flow rate measurement
  • coefficient of hydraulic resistance
  • equivalent roughness coefficient