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Technical Condition of Earthen Dams at Nizhegorodskaya HPP After 60 Years of Operation

  • V. S. Kuznetsov
  • S. Yu. Ladenko

The complex of hydraulic engineering installations includes five earthen dams. All facilities are of Class I. The diagnostic parameters of dam operation and technical condition monitored via in-situ observation for seepage mode, seepage strength, settlement, static stability, etc. generally meet design assumptions and safety criteria. Despite individual defects and signs of “aging” identified over the period of earthen dam operation, these are currently in a satisfactory and operable state. The long, 60-year operating period of the dams with no serious overhauls or emergencies has demonstrated the high reliability of the facilities, the correctness of the design and technological solutions adopted and implemented in the construction, and the high professional level of their operation in close cooperation with science.


earthen dam hydropower installation operation in-situ observations monitoring equipment settlement piezometer water levels depression surface seepage mode head gradient drainage static stability slope lining reconstruction facility technical state 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.B. E. Vedeneev All-Russian Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering (JSC)St. PetersburgRussia

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