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Problems and Priorities in the Mathematical Modelling of Slagging in Furnaces

  • A. N. Alekhnovich
Thermal Power Plants

Mathematical models of slagging which can provide successful predictions for specific cases are not reliable for arbitrary fuels and boilers. This is because of insufficient experimental data and the complexity of the many processes and properties involved in slagging, but also because of conceptual shortcomings of these models. Here we examine some important questions, including the destruction of deposits during their formation, the dependence of the computational scheme of a model on the type of primary deposits, and the variability of the viscosity at which particles begin to adhere.


furnace slagging mathematical modelling of slagging model of deposit formation and growth model of fly ash formation viscosity of slag type of primary deposits 


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  • A. N. Alekhnovich
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  1. 1.JSC “Urals Heat Engineering Laboratory”MoscowRussia

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