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Fred Dallmayr: Integral Pluralism: Beyond Culture Wars

University of Kentucky Press, Lexington, KY, 2010, 231 pp, $40.00 (hbk)
  • Megan Altman
Book Review

Fred Dallmayr’s book, IntegralPluralism: BeyondCultureWars, could be described as a response to the pressing question of what it means to pursue the “good life,” especially in light of globalization and increasing secularization. These problems have led to others, which Dallmayr defines along “cultural, religious, and socioeconomic lines” (p. xi). Dallmayr offers “integral pluralism” as a solution to the problems that arise from the expansion and de-centering of the Western democratic state. He argues that understanding integral pluralism requires a hermeneutic phenomenology, that is, an interpretive mode of understanding that is always caught up in the midst of life and “can never be fully stabilized or completed” (p. 109). Dallmayr’s vast knowledge of both Western and Eastern histories and traditions contributes to understanding the general philosophical issues involved in culture wars—issues involving “the priority of unity over diversity, of the ‘one’ over the ‘many,’ of holism...

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