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Some Thoughts About the Early Academic Years

  • Carl Weinberg
Memorial Paper

Peter McHugh has, as he would prefer to phrase it, left his life. Even though he did so unwillingly he would prefer to think of it as, in some way, pro-active. Of course, as long as there are concepts in the world that the world has not bothered to make true sense of, concepts that interested him, he would have preferred to stick around and analyze them.

So now, in a way he has formulated successfully, he begins to circulate. He is certainly circulating in my consciousness. Unlike most friends and colleagues who have traveled in Peter’s circle during his rich productive years of scholarship, I remember Peter best at that rare period during which I understood most of what he wrote and said. Those were the years when we were both at the University of Delaware (circa 1962–1965), in the sleepy Dupont supported college community in Newark, Delaware.

It was there I read his Definition of the Situationand didn’t need help understanding what he was trying to do and say. It was pretty much...


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