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Xinghua Li: Environmental Advertising in China and the USA: The Desire to Go Green

New York, NY: Routledge, 2016, (ISBN 9780415744133), $145.00 hardcover, 168 pp.
  • Jonathan Hassid

Environmental Advertising in China and the USA: The Desire to Go Greenis a timely analysis of the burgeoning “green” advertising market in China. As Li points out, environmentally-themed advertising is a large and increasingly prominent part of Western marketing, but in China has been much slower to take off in spite of China’s booming consumerism and serious environmental problems. Her introduction is dedicated in part to investigating why Chinese advertisers were so “slow to adopt green marketing” (9) and she argues that, in part, this gap results from low consumer desire for so-called “green goods,” a situation that has led many Chinese scholars to blame the Chinese government for not stimulating this consumer demand by “educat[ing] the public about the importance of ethical consumerism” (9). This important point fits well with extant literature emphasizing the importance of Chinese government action (or inaction) in shaping China’s economic and moral universe. Compared to Western...

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