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D. I. Jarvis, C. Padoch, and H. D. Cooper, eds, Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems

Columbia University Press, New York. 2007. xviii + 492 pp, ISBN 0-231-13648-X; $77.50 hardcover
  • Miles F. Dyck

Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems is a collection of articles exploring various aspects of agricultural biodiversity. The comprehensive list of subjects covered is as follows: crop genetic resources, animal genetic resources, aquatic biodiversity, pollinator diversity, soil biodiversity, pest/disease management and biodiversity, farmer management of biodiversity in changing landscapes and economies, the contribution of biodiversity and human health and nutrition, the economic value of biodiversity, genetic resources and ecosystem services. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of its subject area and suggests potential research questions and current knowledge gaps. Each chapter also contains at least one extra-textual box describing a case study relevant to the subject matter of the chapter.

A major question discussed in the chapters on crop and animal genetic resources (chapters 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 16) is: how can information from modern, molecular genetic analyses...

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