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Julian Caldecott: Water: Life in Every Drop

Virgin Books, London 2007, 219 pp, index, bibliography, paper £12.99, ISBN 978-0-7535-1350
  • James Acheson

Julian Caldecott’s book, Water: Life in Every Drop, is devoted to what is probably the most important resource problem facing human beings—namely, the impending scarcity of clean water. The book is written for an educated lay audience. It discusses in non-technical language many different scientific and sociocultural aspects of the problems with water resources. The author makes no pretense of giving complete coverage of any single problem, but does have some information on a huge number of water-related problems. The book begins with two chapters on the science of water. Chapter 1 discusses the origin of water in the evolution of the universe and the chemistry of water. Chapter 2, “Water in the Biosphere,” begins by reminding the reader of the myriad of ways in which water influences life on the planet, and then gives a brief account of evolution of life on earth from the origin of the earth to the present, emphasizing the mass extinctions that have occurred in the past. The chapter...

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