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, Volume 34, Issue 5, pp 735–736 | Cite as

A. Cunningham, B. Belcher, and B. Campbell (eds): Carving Out a Future: Forests, Livelihoods and the International Woodcarving Trade

Earthscan, 2005, 293 pp. $35. ISBN 1-84407-045-X
  • Julie Velásquez Runk

This impressive volume is a compilation of 11 woodcarving case studies, 19 informative text boxes, and five integrative chapters authored by 49 individuals. As a result, this book easily provides the most comprehensive work to date on world-wide woodcarving. The strength of this volume is in both its specificity and its generality as the individual case studies provide detail and depth to woodcarving in a particular locale, and the integrative chapters ferret out commonalities, context, and future issues for the trade. The numerous text boxes complement the text and provide important clarifications, short cases, and different perspectives (such as that of an importer).

The woodcarving case studies, largely from Africa but also from Asia and Mexico, form the backbone of this book and stem from an ethnobotanical tradition centered on the local use of plants. The editors are to be complimented for ensuring that the contributors at least touch on common themes—history of carving, wood...

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