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Christian Lotz, From Affectivity to Subjectivity. Husserl’s Phenomenology Revisited

Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, 169 Pages, ISBN 9780230535336, $74.95/€58.99
  • Eva Schwarz

Christian Lotz’ new book, FromAffectivity to Subjectivity. Husserl’s Phenomenology Revisited, claims, as the subtitle of the book announces, to provide a new perspective on Husserl. In the short introduction preceding the three main chapters, one reads that the author aims at a renewed investigation of familiar topics of Husserlian phenomenology, such as the reduction (Chap. 1), embodiment (Chap. 2) and subjectivity (Chap. 3), “without repeating them” (p. 4). Addressing these key issues, the author intends to connect phenomenological investigations of perception, values and different forms of affection in order to gain a deeper understanding of subjectivity; finally, he engages in a discussion of time consciousness, value theory and the relation between Husserl and other philosophers such as Fichte and Levinas. Given the number of topics that the book covers, From Affectivity to Subjectivityis a proportionally slim book; overall it takes up 169 pages of text (including footnotes and...


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