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Functional Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation in Anterior Ventricular Remodeling: Results of Surgical Ventricular Restoration with and Without Mitral Repair

  • L. Menicanti
  • M. Di Donato
  • S. Castelvecchio
  • C. Santambrogio
  • V. Montericcio
  • A. Frigiola
  • G. Buckberg
  • The RESTORE group


Ischemic functional mitral regurgitation following ischemic cardiomyopathy is a secondary phenomenon to ventricular dilation, and therapeutic approaches to this complication are not uniform. Solutions to improve mitral function include either mitral repair or observing the effects of coronary revascularization and/or ventricular rebuilding during surgical ventricular restoration (SVR).

The present study of 108 patients (comprising 18% of our 588 SVR population) reports the effects of mitral repair following SVR and CABG by comparing geometric, functional, hemodynamic and outcome changes to SVR patients without mitral repair. The degree of mitral regurgitation went from 2.9 ± 1.2 before to 0.7 ± 0.7 after SVR and mitral repair. SVR improved EF from 29 ± 7% to 34 ± 10% p 0.001; reduced end diastolic volume from 243 ± 74 to 163 ± 53 ml and end systolic volume from 170 ± 63 to 107 ± 41 ml, p 0.000. Ventricular size and shape geometric measurements improved in all patients, either with and without mitral repair. SVR improved tenting and papillary muscle width between muscle heads in all patients, but alterations in mitral annular size improved only following mitral repair.

Preoperative mitral regurgitation occurred in patients with larger ventricular volume and lower ejection fraction and was an independent predictor of operative mortality risk.


SVR mitral repair congestive heart failure papillary muscle wide mitral annulus ischemic mitral insufficiency 


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  • The RESTORE group
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