High Temperature

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Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in Pulsating Turbulent Pipe Flow of a Liquid of Variable Properties

  • E. P. Valueva
Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics


The effect of the variability of properties on the characteristic features of heat transfer and of pulsating turbulent pipe flow of incompressible liquid is investigated. The results are obtained by using the method of finite differences to solve numerically a set of equations of motion, continuity, and energy written in a narrow channel approximation. The set is closed by relaxation equations for turbulent stress and turbulent heat flux. A stable difference scheme is used, which is valid for high relative amplitudes of oscillation. The calculations are performed for a dropping liquid in view of the temperature dependence of viscosity. The results of calculation of heat transfer and friction resistance for two limiting cases of steady-state flow of a liquid of variable properties and of pulsating weakly nonisothermal flow fit well the available experimental data.


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  • E. P. Valueva
    • 1
  1. 1.Moscow Institute of Power EngineeringTechnical UniversityMoscowRussia

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