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p75 NTR -Immunoreactivity in the subventricular zone of adult male rats: Expression by cycling cells

  • A. Giuliani
  • G. D’Intino
  • M. Paradisi
  • L. Giardino
  • L. Calzà


While the study of in vitro regulation of neural stem cell lineage from both embryonic and adult neurospheres is greatly advanced, much less is known about factors acting in situ for neural stem cell lineage in adult brain. We reported that neurotrophin low affinity receptor p75 NTR is present in the subventricular zone (SVZ) in adult male rats. We then characterized co-distribution of markers associated with precursor cells (nestin and PSA-NCAM) with growth factor receptors (p75 NTR , trkA, EGFr) and proliferation-associated antigens (Ki67 and BrDU-uptake) in adult male rat by immunocytochemistry and confocal laser scan microscopy. Distribution of p75 NTR -immunoreactivity (IR) was investigated using different mono- and polyclonal antisera. p75NTR is not co-distributed with glial fibrillary acid protein. It was found to be co-distributed with a small number of nestin-IR cells, whereas no coexistence with PSA-NCAM-IR was observed. Conversely, p75 NTR -IR was present in numerous dividing cells (Ki-67-positive) and co-distributed with EGFr. In order to verify the possible association between p75 NTR and cell death, we investigated co-distribution of p75 NTR -IR with nuclear condensation images as visualized by Hoechst 33258 staining. While few images indicating nuclear condensation were observed in the SVZ, no coexistence with p75 NTR was found. TrkA- and trkB-IR was not found in the SVZ. We also investigated p75 NTR immunostaining on post-natal day 1 and day 16, because of the dramatic reduction of proliferating cells in SVZ over this time-interval. p75 NTR -IR was not increased in the early post-natal phase. Thus, p75 NTR seems to be associated with cell cycle regulation in SVZ in adult rat brain.


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  • G. D’Intino
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  • M. Paradisi
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