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Paul Temple: The Hallmark University: distinctiveness in higher education management

IOE Press, London, 2014, 133 pp
  • Michelle Gander
Book Review

This book is recommended for practitioners involved in managing any aspect of higher education, or scholars of higher education management as it provides both conceptual information on what it takes to manage the special place that is a university and an overview of UK higher education since the 1960s, written by a prominent practitioner–academic in this area.

The thesis of this book is that managing in universities is distinct from managing anywhere else, that is, a university has a unique characteristic; additionally hallmark is used because of the word’s other understanding, as a sign of quality. This book highlights throughout what makes managing universities distinctive in a very personal voice, making it highly accessible, especially when discussing some of the history of higher education in the UK and its idiosyncratic past and present.

I am not sure that I agree wholeheartedly with the main argument as I suggest that managing in universities is very similar to managing in any...

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