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Jane Knight (ed): International Education Hubs: student, talent, knowledge–innovation models

Springer, Dordrecht, 2014, 251 pp, ISBN: 9789400770256
  • Laura Sturzeis
Book Review

This recently published book on International Education Hubs is dedicated to the analysis of Education Hubs—a relatively young but rapidly evolving phenomenon emerging in different countries worldwide. The editor Jane Knight is an expert in international and comparative higher education and respective policies.

The book is divided into twelve chapters, six of them providing case studies on existing education hubs conducted by in-country experts (Chapters 4–10). The case studies are framed by an outline of the analytical tool (Chapter 3) and a crosscutting analysis of the respective education hubs (Chapter 11) written by the editor.

The introductory chapter starts out with a discussion of the developments in higher education regarding internationalization. In Chapter 2, the editor provides an overview of the evolution of International Education Hubs within the context of cross-border education. Following the development of cross-border education, three generations can be differentiated:...

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