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Patricia Goodson: Becoming an academic writer: 50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing

Sage Publications, Inc., 2013, 248 pp
  • Priscila Caçola
Book Review

The book “Becoming an academic writer: 50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing” describes a theoretical and practical framework for writing productivity in academic settings, the POWER model (Promoting Outstanding Writing for Excellence in Research). Throughout the book, the author walks readers through the model by determining theoretical principles, demonstrating empirical evidence, and proposing practical exercises for becoming an academic writer.

Early in the Acknowledgements section, Goodson mentions that the POWERmodel saved academic careers of many grad students she worked with, as they were about to drop out of grad school due to their struggles with writing (or lack of). Right there I identified with the book. I had been one of those discouraged grad students. I wanted to write, but I never had the time to do it. Truly stressed out by the pressure to write and not knowing anything else to tackle the problem other than the famous techniques commonly known as...

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