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George Gordon and Celia Whitchurch (eds): Academic and professional identities in higher education: the challenges of a diversifying workforce

Routledge, New York, 2010, 270 pp, ISBN 978041599090-5
  • Norzaini Azman
Book Review

In the last two decades, the academic profession has attracted increasing attention from researchers and policy makers throughout the world. This newly edited book by Gordon and Whitchurch is an important contribution to the discussion of the academic profession by offering insights into how higher education workforces have expanded and diversified. The basic premise of the book is that the changing dynamics in the workplace have significant implications for individual academics and their sense of identity. This book complements and supplements other major works on the academic profession, including Albatch’s The decline of the Guru: the Academic Profession in Developing and Middle Income Countries (2003), Lechuga’s The Changing landscape of the Academic Profession: The Culture of faculty at For-Profit Colleges and Universities (2006), Locke, W. & Teichler The Changing Conditions for Academic Work and Careers in Selected Countries(2007), as well as the forthcoming book by Locke,...

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